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Traditional and Blended Classes

Join a live?class led by?a certified instructor.

Blended classes?pair online learning with hands-on?skills training sessions.


UCSL offers flexible teaching options that allow you to choose a learning method that is best suited to meet your needs.? Students can decide if the prefer to attend a course in a traditional classroom setting.? Or a blended class can be selected which involves completing of an online course and attending a skills session for hands on practice and evaluation by one of our instructors.


Traditional Classes

Visit one of our testing sites, or let us come out to you.? Lessons are taught in a traditional classroom setting.? We utilize a combination of video presentation, live demonstration , and hands-on practice to teach class content and skills.

Classes are led by certified instructors with real-life experience.? They will ensure that you understand the lesson material.? Instructors will provide coaching and guidance that will help build confidence in you ability and develop skill proficiency.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for with our available classes, feel free to request a class or contact us.

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Blended Classes

Blended classes use online programs and skill sessions for those who prefer a non-classroom method of learning.? Online courses offer several benefits not available with the traditional classes.

Courses are self paced and available 24 hours a day.? The classes use interactive activities and scenarios to teach material.? Debriefing and coaching are provided after exercises to facilitate learning.

Most courses include an online student manual.? Lesson is available for 24 months with unlimited access once course key has been purchased and activated.? Online course includes access to interactive exercises, videos, forms, and other resources.

Students must then attend a skills session within 60 days of completing the online portion.? These sessions allow students to get hands on practice with a certified instructor.? Instructors will provide feedback and coaching to ensure students are prepared to complete the final portion of the session, a skill test.

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