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Blended Classes

Blended classes use online technology to transform the learning process.? This dynamic learning method has been designed to reach students with varying learning styles.? Blended classes offer an interactive learning environment, refresher opportunities, and access to content and resources not available in other teaching formats.

Most classes consist of 3 components that must be successfully completed to obtain a course completion card.

Part 1 is the cognitive component, which is taught through online courses.? The eLearning portion teaches through various media resources.? Simulations, dramatizations, and interactive activities are just a few of the tools utilized to provide this unique learning experience.

Lessons are self paced, accessible 24/7, available for 24 months, and can be completed anywhere internet access is available.? Online courses also include access to interactive exercises, videos, forms, and other resources.

Parts 2 and 3 consist of skills practice and testing.? These components are completed? during a hands-on skills sessions at one of our testing sights.? Sessions are led by an instructor and offer an opportunity to practice and test in a way that meets the individual needs of the students.

Our certified trainers use their real-life experience to ensure that participants understand the lesson material and can properly execute all skills..? We will provide coaching and guidance that will help build confidence in you ability and develop skill proficiency.

Students who successfully pass skills assessments and written test will qualify to receive? a course completion card valid for 2 years.

Note: Students must attend a skills session within 60 days of completing the online course

We also offer a traditional class format for students interested in an instructor-led learning experience.

If you can?t find what you?re looking for with our available classes, feel free to request a class or contact us.